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USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Locomotive Castings

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USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Locomotive Castings

We are in the process of photographing our other Pacific casting sections. Please visit this page again soon. Be sure to also visit our USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Chassis-on-Air Page.

"I just received my cylinder casting and could not be happier. Roger did an excellent job of implementing core boxes with gentle contours for the exhaust, which to me, will help make this locomotive into one heck of a runner. There are well thought out provisions made for a smooth routing of the exhaust steam. One of the most power robbing mistakes commonly made in steam, regardless of the size of the engine, is to restrict the inlet and exhaust passages with small diameter steam passages. Exhaust steam must be released with minimal resistance as any back pressure requires energy from the power stroke to push it out of the cylinder. This cylinder design has me very impressed." - M.T., Marysville, OH

"I received the cylinder casting set yesterday. WOW! The castings are just excellent! Fantastic castings; I couldn't be more pleased! They are definitely worth every penny! Thank you so much! I'm taking them to our central Illinois live steam meet today to show everyone." - J.R., Springfield, IL

"Everyone who saw them was impressed with how they were cast exactly like the real cylinder castings for full size locomotives." - J.R., Springfield, IL

"Thanks so much for the high quality cylinder castings. Your foundry did a great job and I can't believe the size of the ports. It will certainly be a free breather." - K.H., Elkton, VA

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Pacific Drivers
USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific 10", 17-Spoke Drivers

Pacific Cylinder Block
USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Cylinder Block

Pacific Front Truck Wheels
USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Pilot Truck Wheels

Baker Valve Gear
USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Baker Valve Gear

USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Pilot Beam
USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Pilot Beam

"The cylinder casting looks great and turned out awesome!" - J.R., Springfield, IL

Be sure to visit our USRA 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Chassis-on-Air Page.

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